NESCLiC member institutions and their participants.

Brandeis University logo
Margarita Corral photo
Margarita Corral is the Data Analysis Specialist at Brandeis Library. She supports quantitative and qualitative data analysis in the social sciences. She teaches workshops on different software and holds consultations with faculty, students, and staff.
Brown University logo
Andrew Creamer photo
Andrew Creamer is the Scientific Data Management Librarian at Brown University. He helps researchers with the retention and curation of research data, writing data management and sharing plans for sponsored research grant proposals, and serves as liaison for the Brown Digital Repository (BDR).
Emily Ferrier photo
Emily Ferrier is the Librarian for Social Science and Entrepreneurship, where she works with students and faculty conducting research and participating in entrepreneurial problem solving. Her work with data emphasizes skill building, open documentation and knowledge sharing across the disciplines.
Patrick Rashleigh photo
Patrick Rashleigh is the Data Visualization Coordinator at the Brown University Library, where he engages in the production and dissemination of visual modes of scholarly communication and analysis. In practice, this means working with faculty, students, and colleagues on visually-oriented projects and holding instruction sessions on visualization tools and techniques. It also involves coordinating and supporting innovative applications of the Sidney E. Frank Digital Studio with its display wall, full color 3D printer, and video/audio recording studio. Patrick has an MA in Ethnomusicology from York University, and a BA in English Literature from the University of British Columbia.
Boston College logo
Alison Xu photo
Alison Xu is Data and Visualization Librarian at Boston College’s O’Neill Library where she provides data related support for faculty, staff and students, including consultation and software training. She specializes in data visualization design, data analytics, database management and assessment. Her interests lie within the areas of information visualization, spatial analysis and visualizations.
Dartmouth University logo
Lora Leligdon photo
Lora Leligdon is a Physical Sciences Librarian at Dartmouth College, where she acts as the liaison to the departments of Physics & Astronomy and Chemistry, serves on the Open Dartmouth Working Group, and co-leads the library’s data management initiative. Her current research interests focus on supporting undergraduate research in the sciences and reproducible science.
Christian Darabos photo
Christian Darabos is a Life Science Informatics Specialist at Dartmouth College. In his role, he supports the computational needs of the research community, including High Performance Computing, Cloud Technologies, data storage and wrangling, and training in computational tool. He obtained his Ph.D. in Information Systems and Molecular Biotechnologies in Switzerland where he grew up speaking French.
Paige Scudder photo
Paige Scudder is a Research and Education Librarian for the Biomedical Libraries at Dartmouth College. Paige acts as a liaison to the biological sciences department and supports the Geisel School of Medicine and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center during each step of the research life cycle.
James Adams photo
James Adams is a Data and Visualization Librarian at Baker-Berry Library, Dartmouth College. He acts as liaison to the Government Department and Quantitative Social Science Program, and provides support for data tools used by faculty, staff, and students in all disciplines. He is interested in using open source tools to improve library services and operations.
Harvard University logo
Julie Goldman photo
Julie Goldman is a Research Data Services Librarian within Harvard Library. She provides data related training and support for students and researchers and collaborates with members of the Harvard community to provide data services across the data lifecycle. Julie promotes open science, reproducible workflows, and is interested in broadening scientific communication.
Ceilyn Boyd photo
Ceilyn Boyd is the manager of the Harvard Library Research Data Management Program. Boyd has a background in software engineering and data visualization and in this role, works to connect members of the Harvard community to services and resources that span the research data lifecycle, to help ensure that Harvard’s multi-disciplinary research data is findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).
Bruce Boucek photo
Bruce Boucek Data and Research Librarian at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He is a geographer by training with a certificate-of-candidacy from Indiana University (all-but-dissertation status) and an MA and BA in Geography from Temple University. He is a map geek and a data nerd who prefers hiking and camping in Maine, and reading comic, books to sitting behind a computer screen.
Meghan Kerr photo
Meghan Kerr is the Longwood Medical Area Records Manager and Archivist at the Countway Library, Harvard Medical School. Meghan works with researchers at all phases of the records lifecycle, including organizing data, identifying vital records, and archiving records.
Sarah Hauserman photo
Sarah Hauserman is the Research Data Management Analyst within Research Computing at Harvard Medical School. She assists with the implementation of data management best practices, actively engaging with faculty, staff, lab members, and the greater Harvard community to increase visibility of research data management.
Matt Cook photo
Matt Cook is the Digital Scholarship Program Manager at Harvard Library. Matt supports researchers through emerging computational methods, engaging learning spaces, and a campus-wide network of technological expertise.
Mount Holyoke College logo
James Burke photo
James Burke
Sarah Oelker photo
Sarah Oelker is the Science Librarian at Mount Holyoke College. Sarah consults with student and faculty researchers on the selection, handling, and preservation of all kinds of research data. They demystify science and scientific careers for students, regardless of background and experience, and help every student develop a critical understanding of science.
Northeastern University logo
Kate Kryder photo
Kate Kryder is the Research Data Analyst at Northeastern University. She supports data analysis and visualization, providing training and assistance with all things related to information visualization from programming to poster design.
Tufts University logo
Kristin Lee photo
Kristin Lee is the Research Data Librarian at the Tisch Library, Tufts University. She works with researchers in the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering to help them find efficient ways to make their research data reusable and accessible. Kristin is a data nerd to the core and is currently working on a side project to map the early circus and understand its impact on the culture of the United States.
Ari Gofman photo
Ari Gofman is the Social Science Data Librarian at Tisch Library, Tufts University. They are the liaison to Economics, Urban and Environmental Planning and Psychology and supports students, staff and faculty in the social sciences in finding, using, visualizing, preserving, and sharing data. Ari is particularly interested in diversity, inclusion and social justice in libraries and broadly.
Andrea Kang photo
Andrea Kang is a Research & Instruction Librarian at Tufts' Hirsh Health Sciences Library. She is the liaison to the Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences with other research data management support responsibilities. Andrea is passionate about teaching and doing racial justice work within libraries.
Kyle Monahan photo
Kyle Monahan enjoys using statistical and GIS tools to analyze complex systems through data analysis and visualization, map design, code scripting, and environmental sampling. He has been the Statistics and Research Technology Specialist at Tufts University since 2017, providing statistical consulting, data visualization and high-performance computing (HPC) support.
Chelcie Rowell photo
Chelcie Rowell is Head of Digital Scholarship at Tisch Library and a practitioner-manager who leads a team of functional specialists in scholarly communication, data, and media and design. Chelcie and her colleagues in the Digital Scholarship Department work closely with Tufts University faculty, students, and staff to imagine, carry out, and sustain digitally inflected research and teaching.
Berika Williams photo
Berika Williams is the Emerging Technologies and Web Librarian at Tufts’ Hirsh Health Sciences Library where she is responsible for their online presence. Her professional interests include web development, information architecture, and data science. She has taught a number of R workshops and enjoys visualizing data to tease out insights.
Umass Amherst Logo
Thea Atwood photo
Thea Atwood is the Data Services Librarian at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She supports researchers by providing workshops and consultations that focus on optimizing data management and retention. She is interested in developing infrastructure and workflows at UMass Amherst that promote transparency, reproducibility, and collaboration.
University of Massachusetts Medical School logo
Sally Gore Photo
Sally Gore MS, MS LIS, is the manager of Research and Scholarly Communication Services for the Lamar Soutter Library, University of Massachusetts Medical School. Her department focuses on collaborative efforts with basic science and clinical researchers on campus, including expanding support and instruction in data services, and leads all scholarly communication endeavors for the Library, including providing bibliometrics analysis, tracking research impact, ensuring funder-based public access compliance, promoting open science initiatives, and managing eScholarship@UMMS, the University's institutional repository. Sally serves on the Board of Directors of the Medical Library Association and is the Associate Editor of the Journal of eScience Librarianship.
Tess Grynoch photo
Tess Grynoch is a Research Data & Scholarly Communications Librarian at the Lamar Soutter Library, University of Massachusetts Medical School. Hailing from Canada, she holds a Master of Library and Information Studies from Dalhousie University and received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta. In her current position, she collaborates with faculty, students, researchers, fellow colleagues, and academic units to support scholarly communication at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, including library-based research data support services.
            University logo
Kayleigh Bohémier photo
Kayleigh Bohemier Kayleigh Bohémier is the Science Research Support Librarian for Astronomy, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Linguistics, and Physics at the Marx Science and Social Science Library, Yale University. She works with scientists who generate and use data, and she has participated in data management workshops, consultations, and initiatives at the university since 2012. Since 2018, Kayleigh has chaired the Day of Data, an internal symposium for university affiliates that showcases data-intensive projects happening across the institution.
David Cirella is the Digital Preservation Librarian for Digital Preservation Services in Yale University Library.
Catherine DeRose photo
Catherine DeRose is the Manager for the Yale Digital Humanities Lab. Catherine meets with researchers for consultations, teaches workshops on data analysis and visualization, and works with Teaching Fellows who are thinking about DH in the classroom.
Joshua Dull photo
Joshua Dull is the Digital Humanities Support Librarian for Digital Humanities Lab within Yale University Library. Joshua brings expertise in data visualization, linked open data, data mining, and research data cleaning, transformation, and curation to the library.
Barbara Esty is the Data Librarian in the Marx Science and Social Science Library.
Jake Kara is a Web Developer in the Digital Humanities Lab and the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies. Before coming to Yale, Jake was a journalist, most recently working as data editor for the non-profit Connecticut Mirror, an online publication that focuses on in-depth policy coverage.
Rashelle Nagar is the Librarian for Finance, Accounting, and Business Data in the Marx Science and Social Science Library.
Sawyer Newman is the Data Librarian for the Health Sciences in the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library. She provides support to members of the Yale Health Sciences community in research data.
Kate Nyhan photo
Kate Nyhan is the Research & Education Services Librarian for Public Health at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. As well as answering questions and making referrals, Kate teaches research data management workshops. Kate can also discuss issues in biomedical and clinical data sharing, reporting standards, and reproducibility.