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The New England Software Carpentry Library Consortium or NESCLiC is an association of academic libraries, joined as a community of practice focused on building data science skills in research computing, and extracting, wrangling, storing, analyzing, and visualizing data. NESCLiC allows member institutions to share in a Gold-level membership with the Carpentries.

Our Model

NESCliC member institutions share a Gold-level Carpentries membership, which affords NESCLiC 6 free coordinated workshops, a 50% discount on the cost for additional coordinated workshops, no charge for self-organized workshops, and fifteen instructors trained, per year.

NESCLiC provides the opportunity for members to:

  • Develop instructional materials
  • Build a network of data fluent researchers and instructors
  • Refine skills by participating as instructors at other member institutions

Financial commitment: Cost of shared Carpentry membership ($1000/person) plus training expenses (travel or hosting)

Time commitment: (2) – two-day training workshops plus committee work

NESCLiC has established bylaws and members contribute to the consortium by participating in one of several roles:

  • Carpentries liaison
  • Membership/Recruiting
  • Assessment
  • Outreach
  • Workshop coordination

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